Ensure optimal practice performance by outsourcing your transcription to the team of specialists at Global Transcription Services. Our qualified medical transcription teams cover all specialties and facility size. Whether you are a single practice or a large hospital, we have you covered. Our experience in the medical industry makes your processes easier by allowing you to cater for peak demands while meeting all deadlines.

Outsourcing is also the smart way to reduce operating costs. No longer do you need to employ costly temporary staff to help keep up with the workload. Our team fills the gap by providing accurate, fast-turnaround online medical transcription services that seamlessly fit in with your practice workflow.


We understand that larger healthcare providers need in-house typists on-hand and close to the action. However, peak demand times, staff leave, and sickness can leave organisations in the lurch.

That’s why we offer a co-sourcing model where we work together to increase the efficiency of your organisation. At Global Transcription Services our skilled medical transcription team works alongside your in-house typists to make sure you stay ahead of the game and avoid those dreaded backlogs. No longer do you need to hire emergency temp staff or to put unrealistic pressure on your current team. We offer a simple solution that integrates seamlessly with your practice and provides unrivalled turnaround times.

Our online transcription portal allows you to access your transcriptions and upload anytime, anywhere 365 days of the year.


Over the years we have become a backlog backstop. That essentially means that hospitals, facilities and practices call on us to stop their backlog from growing into a problem.

Our fast, accurate and experienced online medical transcription services take care of all your transcription needs leaving you to focus on your practice and your patients. Whether it’s at a day’s notice or organised in advance, we are there when you need us most.

Privacy & Compliancy

At Global Transcription Services we take our obligations under the privacy act seriously. We are legally bound by The Privacy Act that sets out 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).