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Global Transaction Services offers a suite of applications used by healthcare providers and medical documentation personnel to streamline the medical documentation process.

At Global Transcription Services we provide professional and accurate online medical transcription services that make your life easier. Our medical transcription expertise, combined with the latest secure technology, helps you manage your practice or department so you can take care of the people who need it most, your patients.

  • Accurate

  • 24 Hour Turnaround

  • Online Accessibility

  • Electronic Document Delivery

Whether you work at a large hospital or at a private medical practice, we have a technology solution to quickly and efficiently capture patient correspondence.

Powered by the Emdat suite of applications, our transcription solution will address the unique needs of each facility. With customisable features that cater to a range of system‑wide, speciality, location and individual user needs, our technology can mirror and automate current documentation workflows to maintain the documentation status quo, all within a quick ‘go live’ timeframe.

Global Transcription Services

Your preferred transcription solution

Right on the money
Clinicians can focus more of their energy on caring for patients.

Turnaround time that turns heads
It’s much faster to edit transcriptions than to type them.

Free flowing
Track and manage the clinical documentation process from dictation through transcription/editing, electronic signature, and document distribution. From automatic routing to comprehensive audit trails, our workflows are designed for the way your administrative or transcription team works.

24hr Turnaround

At GTS we have a proven implementation and management plan that ensures smooth and timely deployment of your documents. Our specialised team work with leading technology to ensure rapid turnaround times. This means we can support you during peak times, providing accurate medical transcription that enhances your organisation’s productivity.

Year-Round Support

Our guaranteed 365 support means that no matter the time of year, we can provide round-the-clock support to administrators, practice managers and clinicians. Let GTS focus on your paperwork so you can deliver better outcomes to your patients.

Secure Documentation

We offer secure and compliant cloud hosting that ensures documents are worked on securely. The documents are delivered using the industry leading EMDAT software solution. We also have comprehensive disaster recovery processes should anything unexpected occur.

Cost-effective Resource

Built for the way clinicians work. By offering multiple ways to capture audio files, clinicians can document the way that works best for them, from mobile app to recorder to telephone.

Efficiency & care

Easy-to-use mobile applications ramp up the efficiency of dictation, improve content and free clinicians to spend more time and attention on patient care. Improve documentation speed, reduce documentation costs and work the way that best meets the workload demands of the speciality clinic. For providers who prefer to use transcription, our end-to-end documentation mobile applications offer anytime, anywhere flexibility.

Productivity at the speed of sound

Clinicians can document patient correspondence quickly and efficiently. Clinicians dictate on their terms with highly accurate, flexible, and intuitive tools. Our medical transcriptionists can transcribe patient correspondence in a matter of hours. Administrative staff have visibility into the entire transcription workflow—from dictation to document distribution.

How it Works

At GTS we believe in keeping things simple. That’s why it’s never been easier to outsource your medical transcribing services. Our process is simple, fast, efficient and cost effective.

Our integrated web based medical transcription technology (EMDAT) provides an all-in-one solution keeping you informed at every stage of the workflow process.

The system facilitates full integration with EHR, EMR systems as well as many other clinical software applications.

How it Works


Patient correspondence can be recorded via a
◌ dictaphone
◌ a smart mobile device
◌ PC microphone
◌ or a landline telephone


Patient demographics and referring doctor information are SECURELY uploaded automatically or with a single mouse click ensuring accurate patient demographics and referring doctor details are made available to our medical transcriptionists. Once the letters have been reviewed and signed off they are SECURELY sent back so that they can be automatically or with a single mouse click imported into the patient file in your clinical software application.

Our Integration Partners


Our experienced team will transcribe your documents within 24 hours. Urgent letters can be transcribed within a 2 hour time-frame.

Review & Sign

Clinicians will be notified when letters are ready for review. The technology platform allows for online review, editing, and electronic sign off.


Letters can either be printed and mailed, sent via electronic document delivery or, e-Fax.
GTS offers a printing and postage service. Please contact us for more information.


Save time and money by sending all letters electronically via our secure message exchange.

Once the letters have been reviewed by you, all it takes is one click of the mouse to send them via your chosen provider. We have created interfaces with Argus, Healthlink, Medical Objects and ReferralNet. Once the letters have been dispatched they will be automatically filed away in your own software or practice management system.

Medical transcription, anytime, anywhere, on-line and on time

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